DPR Foundation

The DPR Foundation exists to build possibilities for under-resourced youth.

DPR Foundation funding supported our children, and many have chosen a career path now in your industry. Our summer program would not have existed without you. St. Francis Neighborhood Center, Baltimore, MD

Founded in 2008, the DPR Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to support organizations that build possibilities for under-resourced youth greades K-12. The Foundation moves forward in its mission through significant annual grants (averaging $35,000) to organizations making measurable impact in this area. Since 2008, the DPR Foundation has invested $8.8 million in more than 50 organizations, partnering with some for as long as 12 years.

Organizations are selected after thorough research on outcome metrics, financial stability, track record, future plans and more. Awards are made as unrestricted grants, allowing the organizations the flexibility to use the funds as needed to further their missions.

DPR Foundation Supported Organizations, 2020

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For more information on DPR’s Community Initiatives contact dprcommunity@dpr.com.